International Training Courses for Imams, Preachers,

Religion Teachers and Callers (ITCI)

The Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro Foundation is keen to improve the affairs and conditions of Muslims all over the world.
The administration of the Foundation, by directives of H.E. Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro, has adopted the principle of choosing a group from every country to entrust them with the task of conveying the Message of Islam to all peoples of the world through the ITCI.
These yearly summer courses aim at equipping those selected groups with the comprehensive concept of Islam that conforms with humans' needs in all places and times and that has the solutions to all their problems and worries at all levels.
The courses also provide the participants with a lot of expertise and develop their skills in introducing education and knowledge of Islam to others with wisdom and beautiful preaching and enlightenment.

It was noticeable that most participants have occupied prominent positions such as directors of Islamic centers and institutes, religion officials, intellectuals and writers.
Since the beginning of the first course in 1993 hundreds of participants, from more than fifty nationalities, have graduated.
These courses attract the best teachers, scholars and intellectuals in the Arab and Muslim worlds. Among those who have lectured in these courses are: Sheikh Mahfuz Nahnah, Dr. Salman Nadawi, Sheikh Yusuf Al-Rifa'i, Pro. Muhammad Az-Zuhaili, Dr. Muhammad Rateb An-Nabulsi, Pro. Muhammad Khair Haikal, H.E. Sheikh Muhammad Husain Fadlullah, Dr. Fathi Yakan, Dr. Ali Laga, Sheikh Muhammad Rashid Miqati and Pro. Mahmoud Akkam.

Among the participants were eminent people who held high positions after coming back to their countries. It’s worth mentioning the most prominent:
Sheikh Muhammad Abu Bakrof: a participant in the 2nd course , who became the Mufti in Dagestan. Also Mufti of Kabardino-Balkaria, Sheikh Muhammad Shafi' Bishkhashif was a another participant.
In the 3rd and 4th courses other prominent participants were: Sheikh Muhammad Fatani, The Principal of Al-Hidaya College in Indonesia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Sarba, the secretary general of Callers Committee in Ivory Coast and Sheikh Abu Hamed and Imam of Baltimore Mosque in Maryland, U.S.A.
Another participant was Dr. Farouk Abdulhaq (formerly known as Robert D. Crane), the former Advisor to the late US President Richard Nixon.

During those courses many scientific accords were signed between AbuNour Foundation (former name of the Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro Foundation) and many other foundations and centers in the Muslim countries.

We can trace the influence of these courses through the testimonies of some scholars working in the field of calling to and presenting Islam such as Dr. Abdullah At-Turki, the secretary general of the Muslim World League who has said: "Your Eminence (addressing Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro) and AbuNour Foundation have been the pioneers in supporting and promoting the Message of Islam in the Muslim countries of the former Soviet Union".

Sheikh Ibrahim Al-wazir from Yemen said in the graduation ceremony:
" In this Foundation founded by Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro through his insight and wisdom which Allah has endowed him with, I find great benefits to all Muslims in the world. Muslims will realize after forty or fifty years the fruits of the efforts of H.E. Sheikh Kuftaro and will find that his method was the right one!".

Pro. Muhammad Az-Zuhaili, a lecturer in the first course has stated: " The ITCI is a pioneering step, a blessed work, a right idea and a strategic planning. It achieves the sublime Muslim objectives of unity, brotherhood and cooperation. It also conforms with the modern Islamic and educational values of arming those working in the Islamic arena with the Islamic education, increasing their knowledge, reminding them of their responsibilities and fortifying them against the obstacles and difficulties they might face in their work."

Prof. Muhammad Kheir Haykal, another lecturer in these courses has said: " Giving importance and serious attention to the lamps of guidance, i.e. imams, speakers and religion teachers is one of the most important means to raise awareness, spread knowledge and show the true picture of Islam….. They hold the responsibility of spreading the Islamic thought, reviving the Islamic spirit and directing the emotions of people to quicken the practice of Islam in their communities, awaken the Muslim global community and unite it to rise again as a key player in the international arena to spread security, justice and good to all people…"
Others who have praised these courses are Dr. Muhammad Yamani, the director of Iqra’ Association, Dr. Mustafa Ismail, minister of foreign Affairs in Sudan, Dr. Ahmad Paira, the Dean of the Islamic Call College in Libya, etc.

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