Muslim Christian Dialogue

Interfaith dialogue between Muslims and Christians had been a major part of the Grand Mufti's activities and programs since 1940. Despite the controversy caused by the Criticism of some Muslim and Christian conservatives at the opening of the dialogue, H.E. Sheikh Ahmad kuftaro chose the path he believed Allah wants, the often difficult road towards peace. The following speeches were delivered at international conferences held to increase understanding amongst the followers of two major world religions, with the goal of making peace, brotherhood, love, and harmony a reality for all of the world's inhabitants.

Muslim Christian Dialogue
Paragraph Date
On the occasion of the visit of the Pope John Paul II 2001-05-06
Calling The Islamic And Christian Worlds For The Sake Of Jerusalem 1996-06-14
Dialogue Between Christianity and Islam - An End of the Crusades 1993-11-26
Faith and the Unity of the Human Family - Lecture & Proposal 1993-11-03
Brothers Under the Banner of Faith 1993-03-30
The Abrahamic Religions 1992-06-01
The Meeting for Peace 1991-11-16
The Quran Extends its Helpful Hand to All Mankind and to The Peopl 1990-08-15
Coexistence in the Mediterranean 1987-01-01
International Prospects of Islam and Christianity 1985-12-01
Islam and Religious Tolerance 1985-12-01
Islam and Christianity - Two Faiths, One God 1979-05-18