The Way To Truth

The question of the purpose of humans' existence and their mission on earth, remains as one of the most difficult questions humans have tried to answer. H.E. Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro had based his mission and teachings on the relationship between humans and the Creator of the universe, the relationship between humans themselves and the relationship between humans and their environment. The following speeches delivered in several international conferences shed some light on these relationships seeking to show the Way to Truth.

The Way To Truth
Paragraph Date
Letter to an Islamic center 1993-09-14
The Eternal Values 1993-04-17
The Best Way Out of Religious Extremism Crisis 1993-01-19
The Conscience in Islam 1992-12-01
The Meeting for Peace 1991-11-16
A Speech Delivered to The Omoto People 1991-08-21
The Role of the Family in Muslim Society 1991-06-01
Spirituality in the 21st Century 1990-08-15
The Responsibility of Man Towards Himself 1990-01-15