To Know Each Other

These are twenty selected lectures by His Eminence late Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro, the Founder of the Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro Foundation. These lectures and speeches were given on several occasions in different parts of the world. We have arranged them chronologically.

To Know Each Other
Paragraph Date
Muslim-Christian Brotherhood: a Historical Fact and Social Necessi 2000-01-24
Relationships between the Followers of Heavenly Religions 1999-09-29
Muslim Unity and Juristic Schools of Thought 1999-04-10
A Letter to His Holiness Pope John Paul II 1998-12-24
The Gifts of Religion to Society 1997-08-05
Future Horizons and Consolidating Dialogue between Muslims and the 1997-07-16
Islam and Other Heavenly Religions 1997-05-23
The True Concept of Islam 1997-05-23
The Ethics of Dialogue and Diversity 1997-05-23
Visit by Pope Shnouda, Pope of the Copts in Egypt 1997-05-02
The Birthday of Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him) 1996-12-20
Muslim Unity against Scholastic Fanaticism 1996-08-02
Visit by a Delegation from a Southern German State 1995-05-15
Dialogue with the Delegation of the Reforming Church in Switzerlan 1993-10-08
Towards a World of Peace and Brotherhood 1991-11-17
The Way to Peace 1991-11-16
Environmental Education in Islam 1990-01-15
World Peace in Islam 1986-10-01
The Joint Statement with the German Protestant Churches 1980-04-26
The Role of the Holy Quran in Building Islamic Civilisation 1967-11-07