A Speech Delivered to The Omoto People
A Speech Delivered to The Omoto People

Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro:
A Speech Delivered to The Oomoto People

Kameoka, Japan
August 21. 1991

In the name of God, most Gracious, most Merciful.
Blessings be on all Prophets and Messengers of God and all their followers.

Dear brothers and sisters. Undoubtedly, meeting the Oomoto Community for the fourth time is not coincidental. I believe that God, the Almighty, has prepared these meetings which began with Moscow in January 1990, at the Global Forum Conference, followed by the meeting in Kameoka the same year, then the meetings in April and May 1991 in Damascus and the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah in Saudi Arabia. Now, we are together once again in Kameoka.

I believe that the Divine Providence is planning these meetings and pushing us to attend them, because Oomoto enjoys deep, pure and devoted faith in God, the Omnipotent, and in His Prophets and Messengers, far from all superstitions and all that sound reason rejects. Since Oomoto enjoys a sincere desire to reach the clear and absolute truth, wherever it can be found, it has been the will of God to make this meeting about Islam possible. As you know, Islam calls for a pure and deep faith in God, the Creator of the Universe. It calls for belief in truth, whenever and wherever it is found. Prophet Muhammad, says: Wisdom is always sought by the faithful, and once it is found, they hold firm to it.

Islam calls for seeking knowledge and the shunning of ignorance, superstition, illusion, fanaticism and separatism. It emphasizes justice, equality, love and harmony. It cares for the rights of humanity, and that for which humanity also holds a responsibility: animals and plants. Prophet Muhammad says: All creatures are God's dependents; the most lovable to God, amongst them, is he who is most beneficial to them. Thus it beehives a Muslim to extend mercy and compassion to any soul vibrating with life. So, whoever practices that, God will be pleased with him and reward him profusely.

Dear brothers and sisters. You may agree with me that what Divine Providence is preparing for us will provide the impetus to join hands and together, with a serious determined effort, bring to light these divine indications. Together we can bring happiness to mankind, which is almost lost in the labyrinths of dire materialism, moral and social corruption, the darkness of oppression, despotism, and aggression in all forms. Together we can fight ignorance, poverty, disease and degeneration which stem from the neglect and disbelief that man shows towards his Creator. So, let's strengthen the bridges that have been built between us by sharing knowledge and wisdom, and by the exchange of our scholars and students. Such a rich experience between our two cultures will bring about greater understanding between us and lead to mutual happiness, peace and spiritual and material well being.

My beloved ones, how much humanity is in need of men to guide it to these noble meanings through wise counsel, reason, and behavior, with hearts illuminated by divine light, capable of guiding man to happiness here and in the Hereafter! Therefore, let's avail ourselves of the freedom of belief and expression available to man these days, and raise high the principles of the unity of God, the Exalted, and the unity of mankind under the umbrella of brotherhood, peace, love and cooperation, so that all will witness the brilliance, illumination, greatness and sublimity of faith in God. We have to reject the distorted images of the past by adopting a new and bright image of unity with all its gifts, and by understanding the reality and truth about each other. Let's go beyond what our ears hear, to what our eyes do see, beyond what is said to what we witness. In this way we will be more able to go forward hand in hand to serve all beings.

Dear ones, how important and absolutely necessary it is to understand the truths of religion, which are oriented solely for man's happiness once their aims are realized! They impart wisdom and enlightenment to all. As you know, prophethood and faith call for knowledge, for understanding of truth and wisdom, and for the proper education of reason until it purifies itself of all faults and misconceptions. Religion's first and last mission is to train men of virtue who can realize happiness in the world and fulfill man's duty of being God's trustee on Earth.

Muhammad says: I and the Prophets before me represent a group of people who took part in building a house which they finished all except for one stone. People went around it admiring its beautiful construction, but wishing the last stone be put in. Muhammad goes on to say: I am that last stone. Now, in the name of Islam which has come with knowledge and wisdom and to complete the structure of moral values, I am stretching forth my hand to shake yours in brotherhood, love, truthfulness and harmony, to keep marching together for the happiness of the human family.

My hand is in yours. So, let's shake hands to emphasize our solidarity and cooperation, with the understanding that God is our goal and aim.

Peace be upon you all. As-salaam-u alaikum.

Mr. Kitaro Dickochi the Leader of the Omoto religion In Japan and Sheikh Ahmad Kuftar

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