The Islamic Call College (B.A.)

The Islamic Call College (Damascus Branch) was established in 1982 in the Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro Foundation as one of the fruit of a cooperation agreement signed between Al-Ansar Charitable Society, headed by Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro and the World Islamic Call Society, Libya. Since then, the college has received thousands of male and female students of more than sixty nationalities from Islamic and non-Islamic countries.

The college focuses on the study of the Islamic sciences and Arabic language.
In addition, some related universal subjects are taught such as psychology, sociology, English and French.
The college aims at producing male and female graduates (du'at) who present Islam according to the method that has been given firm foundation and promoted by H.E. Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro.
Developing the students' personalities according to this method is based on the following principles:
-Purifying one's self and enhancing close and special relationship with Almighty Allah.
-Mastering the Islamic sciences and related modern subjects.
- Following the method of wisdom, fair preaching and kind enlightenment.
- Rejecting and denouncing violence and extremism in delivering the Message of Islam to others.

From 1986 to 2009, more than 3 thousand students have graduated. Most of them occupy different religious positions such as Imams, speakers, teachers and preachers.

Registration Requirements:
1- Applicants must be Muslim.
2- Applicants must submit a high school diploma in the literary or scientific branches, or a religious high school diploma with a grade (good).
2- Applicants must not be over the age of 28.
3- Applicants must pass the interviews and tests for placement.
4- Class attendance must not fall below 80%.
5- Applicants must abide by the laws and regulations of the college.
6- Applicants must pledge to commit to the Islamic ethics and code of behaviour. (Female students must wear the Islamic hijab)

Identification Documents Required for Registration:
1- The original high school certificate (or equivalent), duly certified by the issuing authority.
2- A photocopy of the high school certificate.
3- A transcript of the previous six years of study or a middle school certificate with a transcript of three years in a religious school.
4- A duly certified photocopy of the ID card, passport or birth certificate (only for non-Syrians).
5- A duly certified medical report from the student's country proves that the student is free from all communicable diseases and is physically and medically fit.
6- Ten personal colour photos (dim: 4x6), The photos must be no more than six months old.
7- A written commitment to respect and abide by all the regulations of the college.

The Study System:
1- The duration of study is 4 years.
2- Graduates are awarded a Bachelor's degree in "Islamic and Arabic Studies".
3- The college year consists of two terms, for a total of nine months, beginning in October and ending in June.
4- There is a 15-day holiday between the 2 terms.
5- Classes are conducted for approximately 5 hours a day.

The Examination System:
1- Students are examined twice a year. The first (to which 30 marks are assigned) is in the middle of the college year, and the other (to which 70 marks are assigned) is at the end.
2- Students must score a minimum of 50% in the two exams to pass (the mark of the exam conducted at the end must be 35 out of 70, minimum.)
3- If a student fails one or more subjects during the first exam in June, he/she can retake the exam in the second term exam (make-up exam) in September.
4- If a student fails one or two subjects in the second term exam, he/she can go to the next year provided that his/her total score in the other subjects is " good ". In this case, in the next year a student has to succeed in all subjects to pass.
5- If a student fails four or more subjects in the first year (in the second term exam), he/she is expelled from the college.
6- If a student fails in one year two consecutive times, he/she is expelled from the college.

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We are delighted to be of service.
Wassalamu alaikum (peace be with you).