Da'wah Among Muslims

Support for human rights is central in the true Islamic thought. This had helped to motivate Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro throughout his life to call Muslims in every way possible to the pure Islam of the Prophetic period.

In 1957, he lectured at Al Azhar University at the invitation of the Egyptian government. In 1962, he attended the 5th Session of the Islamic World Conference (ICO) in Baghdad, and in 1970 led a delegation to its plenary meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia.

In 1965, he was elected to the Central Council of the Afro-Asian Islamic Organization in Bandung, Indonesia, and in 1967 represented Syria at its plenary session in Jakarta, Indonesia.

In 1972-74, he lectured at various Islamic conferences in Algeria, Iran, and India, and in 1976 represented Syria in Saudi Arabia at the First Conference for the Message of the Mosque. In 1995, he visited King Fahd of Saudi Arabia while making Umrah (the Lesser Pilgrimage) to organize support for the enlightened education of Muslims throughout the world.