Global Environmental Stewardship

The long-standing concern of His Eminence Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro to protect the physical environment of the earth caused him to be appointed Co-Chairman for the Religious Position at the "Global Forum on Environment and Development for Human Survival", held in 1988 at Oxford University, U.K. Although he unfortunately was unable to attend this meeting, he was elected Chairman for the Religious Discussions at this organization's subsequent conference in January, 1990, in Moscow, where he gave a speech, in the Kremlin, entitled "The Responsibility of Man Towards Himself". At its 1993 meeting in April, held in Kyoto, Japan, he was elected Chairman of the Religious Caucus and delivered his speech, "The Eternal Values" during the "Second Global Forum on Changing Values for Human Survival."

In 1990, he began close cooperation with spiritual leaders in the Far East, visiting Tokyo to attend a meeting that led in 1993 to the establishment of the Global Forum Conference in Kyoto. In August, 1991, he gave a speech, to the Oomoto people in Kameoka, Japan; was Guest of Honor at an inter-religious conference in Seoul, Korea, a week later; and on his way home addressed several gatherings of thousands of Muslims in China.

In 1992, he was invited by the United Nations to lead the religious session at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and address world leaders with his essay, entitled "The Abrahamic Religions: Common Roots and Shared Responsibilities." He was unable to attend personally due to a back operation. In November of 1993, in Ayabe, Japan. he gave some specific proposals for action, together with an introductory talk, entitled "Faith and the Unity of the Human Family".